About SmileVegan

SmileVegan is the specialist in home teeth whitening today. We are happy to help you, for radiant teeth ;)

Your smile is your business card, whether on a date, at work or school or during a family visit. Having beautiful white teeth radiates health and strength and it is therefore It is important that you take good care of your teeth.

SmileVegan Charoal Whitening Strips combine the natural whitening power of coconut oil activated charcoal and infuse it with our unique whitening formula, fast results, pain free and most importantly vegan free. Easy and simple to use, that's why we also say: White smile? Yes please!

  • Specialized

    We specialize in teeth whitening at home, so that you can take care of your teeth in your own familiar environment.

  • Veganistisch

    Our products are vegan, meaning they contain no animal ingredients and have not been tested on animals.

  • Fast result

    The SmileVegan Charcoal Whitening Strips are easy to use and give quick results.

Why Vegan?

Why SmileVegan ?

The reasons why we founded SmileVegan is, among other things, because we personally have allergies and always have to check whether we can eat/drink/use something. This is extremely irritating in everyday life, which is why the brand name also includes the word vegan, so that you don't have to check everything right away or check whether you can use it (people with allergies among us, if you are in doubt? always consult your doctor). You see the word vegan at a glance and you immediately know that the product is vegan, which is why this is our spearhead.

Founder - Leandro de Graaf

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