Waarom tanden bleken met whitening strips van SmileVegan?

Why whiten teeth with SmileVegan whitening strips?

First of all, there are of course many reasons why you want to have whiter teeth and then we haven't talked about the options you have. do you want to know more about this? then read this blog.


Choosing Whitening strips to whiten your teeth is a good choice, technically speaking, also in terms of convenience because you can of course do it from home on your couch. Want to know more about choosing whitening strips?


Choosing SmileVegan's whitening strips has many advantages, we have listed them for you and also a few bonus points.


As all first to name, SmileVegan is number 2 of "Best tooth whitening set 2023" on the list of Top-X.nl, see how SmileVegan scores on the list.








Cruelty free ~ Animal testing free

Our whitening strips are not tested on animals, which means that no animals have been involved in the development of our product and that it has not been tested before it is tested or used on humans, we love and respect animals.


Fast results ~ Fast results

SmileVegan's whitening strips offer an unprecedentedly fast result, after using all the strips in a package (please complete the course within two weeks) you will really see that your teeth are a few shades lighter.


Enamel safe ~ Also for sensitive teeth

Our selected ingredients make it suitable for sensitive teeth and gums.



Peroxide free ~ Free from peroxide

No peroxide, you read that right! We only use natural ingredients and proven ingredients that whiten your teeth.


Vegan-friendly ~ Vegan

A point that is paramount to us, which is why our name is also 'SmileVegan'.

Do you want to know the story behind it? read our story.




  • Laziness

You can work anywhere and especially from home with our whitening strip, you do not have to make an appointment, no you decide when, where and at what time and with the help of our explanation of how to use and information on our site, you will look radiant good for ;)

  • Fast delivery

Fast delivery, ordered before 22:00 is delivered the next day + free shipping (we ship all orders for free in the Netherlands and Belgium)

  • 24/7 Customer service

Enjoy a 24/7 customer service for all your questions and uncertainties. Feel free to send an email to info@smilevegan.nl or via our contact page

  • Price Friendly

The price of our whitening strip is a reasonable price of 19.95 in the sale. Fortunately, we are not the most expensive nor the cheapest, but we do offer a fair price deal.

Our slogan is therefore: White smile? Yes, Please!

There are actually so many reasons to go for our product, convinced?

Order our whitening strips here.

Want to know more about SmileVegan? read our story here ;)

Psttt.... I have a tip for you: did you also know that the teeth whitening strips at SMILEVEGAN are available in a duo pack or triple pack with no less than 28 or 42 pieces? This way you save a lot on the total amount through a stack discount.

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