Waarom kiezen voor whitening strips voor witte tanden?

Why choose whitening strips for white teeth?

Today it is easier than ever to have white teeth. This is partly due to developments in technology and the composition of ingredients that actually work. For example, whitening strips make teeth whitening a lot easier than it used to be. This automatically means that you have to put in less effort to get it done. And so more and more people are choosing to do this.

Having white teeth is a plus on many fronts. It is sometimes also said 'your smile is your business card', this means that you have healthy white teeth and it is an indicator of good hygiene.


What are whitening strips?

Whitening strips make it possible for anyone to whiten or maintain your teeth. Chances are you've seen this on social media before.

Whitening strips are thin, flexible strips that are on one side of the whitening strip whitening gel, you apply this side to your teeth, then the ingredients that are in the gel get to work and voilà, very simple.


Why choose SmileVegan's whitening strips?

On the list of "Best Teeth Whitening Set 2023" by Top-X.nl, SmileVegan has a score of 8.8 and is number 2 on the list.


How should you use the strips?

With the SMILEVEGAN teeth whitening strips you can very easily whiten your teeth at home. Make sure your teeth are not wet.

Avoid using strips after brushing your teeth. Wait at least an hour after brushing your teeth before using the strips.

Do not reuse the strips, but throw them away as soon as they are used. Apply the strips to your teeth and then wait for 30 minutes after which you can remove the strips and brush off the remaining gel. Finally smiling ;)

Would you rather see an example video? Watch the short video below from one of our customers:

Here's a video with steps explaining how to use it


Whitening strips are very easy to use, we now know that. It is possible for anyone to do this at home. You no longer have to go to a dentist or another specialist to whiten your teeth. Instead, you can easily do this from home. Thanks to the whitening strips from SMILEVEGAN, for example, you will have a few shades whiter teeth within two weeks. A very fast result

There are many reasons why you should bleach your teeth. Read this in our next blog 'Why the teeth whitening strips from SMILEVEGAN'

Pssttt.... I have a tip for you: did you also know that the teeth whitening strips at SMILEVEGAN are available in a duo pack or triple pack with no less than 28 or 42 pieces? This way you save a lot on the total amount through a stack discount.

White smile? Yes, Please!

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